Cyd and Chito
Kiss Fm presenters Cyd and Chito
Image: Kiss FM

Tackling the issue of social media Chito and Cyd got into a debate about whether people share too much and if fans should be madly invested in people's lives as deeply as we do. 

"One Rihanna is trending on social media, and the reason that she is trending is that people have not seen her son's face. 

People are like, how don't we know what Rihanna's child's face looks like? " Chito said.


Cyd in agreement added that the beauty mogul had been off social media since she delivered saying, " actually since she delivered the baby we haven't heard anything from her. She has not posted on her stories... nothing."

Her co-host seemingly on a different path asked her, " do you realize we don't know what Beyonce's last born twins look like?"

Cyd clearly a Hive member corrected Chito by telling him that we actually know what Rumi and Sir look like, adding that they look exactly like Beyonce.


She added that for her it was the fact that Rihanna is one of the biggest celebrities in the world and she has been able to keep this hush hush and her baby's face a secret all this time.

Chito cut her short telling her, "the baby is not a secret to the people who are her. He is a secret to you and me because we do not matter."

Cyd not ready to go without a fight argued, " I get that, but she has shown us everything about her life!" 

Her co-host was not having it though, he corrected her stating, "you have not seen everything in her life, you assume you have seen everything because she has shown you what she wants you to see." 

Cyd restlessly argued that as fans we were invested and she literally showcased her pregnancy every second she got so it was not fair for the former songstress to keep us off the baby as well. 

Following her argument her co-host asked if the issue was the fact that people share too much on social media giving netizens the impression that they are part of you and need to know everything, "I feel like that's the biggest problem we have in social media, we feel like we need to be in everyone's business." 

Cyd in agreement noted that it is true these days people do share a lot of details online especially if they're in the limelight because it's one of the easiest ways of connecting with your followers.

Chito argued that someone like Jay-Z is still a household name but he does not even have an Instagram page. 

" Between Beyonce and Kelly Rowland do you know who is more famous on social media? Kelly Rowland is because she engages her fans online, she is more out there, relatable and shares with us moments," Cyd argued.

" But who is richer?" Chito asked as the two burst into laughter as they knew the answer and Cyd noticed that was a knockout statement. 

Chito finished off by notably saying there is value in less, adding that he is afraid of social media because who doesn't know how you'll be received. And he has social phobia ( made up word for fear of social media.

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