Content creator Lornzie Gatabaki
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Content creator and member of the popular YouTube show Over25 Lornzie recently announced that she and her hubby were expecting a baby.

Barely a week after the announcement self-certified online gurus were on her case telling her how she should carry herself during the pregnancy including, stopping going to the gym as the workouts might harm her unborn child. 

Clearly irritated by netizens Lornzie decided to address the issue urging people to stop bothering themselves with others' life decisions.


She put up a post on her Insta stories saying, "Ahem, addressing this once. I have an OK from my Dr. to work out. I have worked out from day one of my pregnancy and I'm way past my I st trimester.

Please stop asking me if it's safe for the baby, you're not my doctor. Do you honestly think I would do anything to hurt my baby!? "


She continued by adding that she had a professional coach who is also a family friend who monitors and approves her sessions, " my coach @shivsimani modifies the workouts for me. He's a professional and knows what's good and what's not." 


Before making it clear that she wasn't a weakling and has been working out very long, it wasn't something new to her body. 

She also noted, "Pregnancy is not a disease, I am still extremely functional and can literally do anything I did before. Please don't tell me to slow down and listen to my body, focus on yours. Not mine, FYI I am extremely blocking happy right now,  you will be blocked if you come at me with your BS. Sincerely Mama Baba G."


She finished off by adding, "for your information, this is me being extremely polite."

Sleep trainer and everything mom content creator Kitt Kiarie came to Lorna's defense posting on her Instagram stories, "do you all plan on irritating Lornah the way you irritated Tatiana ( Mama Olive) ? Asking for a friend." 

Before later on going on a ranting spree on her stories talking about how women's lives are always observed under a microscope like we are brainless.


She captioned the video " Aki I'm so triggered. "  Before adding, " Shocking fact: grown women can make decisions for their lives." 

In the video she talked about a recent altercation that she ad experienced relating the story to what netizens were currently doing to Lorna. "There is a time I was coming out of a parking and someone came and blocked my path from behind and they just refused to move. I kept telling them to move and they move a little and I move a little.... And I was trying to get out of the park.

Now some guys from another car came to tell me that I'll hit their car. Instead of telling the guy to move! Instead of helping, the guys came to tell me how to drive. 


That is what you guys are doing to Lorna!

That is what you people are doing, mansplaining! And policing her!" Kitt said in a shrill clearly showcasing her displeasure 

"Leave people alone!" She screamed at her phone clearly upset. 

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