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Kamene and Obinna at the studio
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Well, it seems Pastor Tee's remarks about dowry being slavery caught Kamene and Obinna’s attention and the two had a few things to say about the whole story.

If you don’t know, Life Church International Limuru senior pastor, was in a debate on The Wicked Edition where he said,“ If we are going to address some of our African cultures, the concept of dowry was buying a woman who is going to be in your house and that woman never had any rights.”

“That’s why there are even propagators of that, where people say dowry ililipwa (was paid) you can't go back, and you will always buy that woman the value of her mother," he added.


“You need to honor the parents usiende kama umesimama kama post ya stima (don’t go while standing like an electric post), but don’t introduce the negotiations as if you are buying," he said in conclusion.

The conversation stirred up mixed reactions from netizens and the best breakfast morning show duo hopped on it.

“I couldn't agree more it is an exchange of goods and services, the moment I pay for you, that is slavery, I own you, am your master,” Obinna said in the agreement of the matter.


Honestly, not Obinna comparing dowry to human trafficking!

“Kamene if you think about it with an open mind, the idea for bride price is selling, it is human trafficking,” he said as Kamene interjected.

“I think the idea for dowry is, first and foremost, huwezi pata dame kama Mimi (a girl like me) for free, are you crazy?” she paused.

“Second, you appreciate the hard work that her parents for the effort they put into making her the woman that you now want to be your wife,” she continued as Obinna picked up.

“Kamene that is what en-slavers used to pay the slave sellers because of the hard work they put in crossing the ocean and the effort to appreciate them,” Obinna said, feeling the vibe.

Below are a few comments that people shared on the same:

Marvin Khalif: I am going to take Pastor T as my negotiator when I finally decide to settle, he has financial severe skills. He is the kind of person who will eat at a restaurant for free because he'll convince you that you can't put value to the food that enters the temple of the Holy Spirit

Antony Wachira: The concept of dowry was to prove you can be able to take care of the woman you are marrying. it was never about slavery. The Bible itself has people who paid dowry like Jacob.

Juniorfred Mbatia: Dowry should be paid to a man coz of removing one plate from the wife's parents.

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