Kamene in agreement with the new expressway rules

Kamene said the initiatives were good and she was glad to see action taking place fast

at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Following the bizarre road accidents that have been occurring along the newly constructed Nairobi expressway and the war Caroline Mutuko had with KOT, the government has finally decided to listen.

Well new rules have been implemented for those who wish to continue using the express way. 

" We are talking about the new rules and regulations that have finally been put on the express way after two or three days of full drama, noise and some accidents and all that. 

You know, it has been crazy but we are glad someone finally did their job." Kamene started off the conversation.

" They said they are going to be putting rumble strips ..." Obinna started off stating the new rules and regulations that the government has come with to strengthen safety along the expressway.

" Are those those things that cut off the fun?" Kamene asked a little confused.

Obinna confirmed she was correct before going on with his narration.

" They've decided there is no fun along the express way but now the technical term they are using is 'to warn drivers to slow down as they approach the various toll gates.

Lakini these are just things to cancel out fun as you said, you come speeding then the next minute you are vibrating, liquids pouring all over. It's annoying." Obinna said.

After the two agreed on how annoying the rumbles really are Obinna went ahead to continue listing the other new rules that have been listed.

" Enforcement of speed limits, the maximum speed limit on Kenyan roads is 110 km/h. And in collaboration with the general of police they have installed speed cameras and have deployed traffic police on designated locations in the express way." Obinna said as Kamene voiced that all these were good initiatives and she loved the new rules.

Obinna went on to add that the last on the list was the fact that commercial/ public service vehicles had been restricted from using the express way.

And neither of the two hosts seemed to have a problem with that. Kamene was just glad to see that things in the country could actually be enforced in time and without tiring processes.

Emphasizing that motorists need to learn to stop over speeding saying that the numbers on the speedometer were there because the car can reach them you really do not have to go experimenting.  

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