Offset gifts daughter Sh5.9 million as pre-birthday gift

offset has been known to be extravagant when it comes to his daughter and occasionally spends millions on her

Offset with culture last year during Kulture’s birthday
Kulture and dad Offset Offset with culture last year during Kulture’s birthday
Image: Instagram

American rapper Offset, just blew people's minds off when he decided to gift his 3-year-old daughter 50 thousand dollars (which roughly translates to about 5.9 million shillings) for her 4th birthday. 

His daughter, Kulture Kiari whom he had with fellow rapper and actress Cardi B, just turned a year older (today), and well it seemed daddy couldn’t wait to start showering his princess with gifts. 


If that was a pre-birthday gift I’m dying to see what the toddler gets for her actual birthday. 


Well if you’re still reeling from shock just imagine that that’s a downgrade from what Offset gifted Kulture last year for her third birthday,

Baby girl got a Richard Millie Watch which is reportedly estimated to be worth 250,000 dollars which translates to roughly around 29.5 million shillings! 

Yes, people, you read that correctly, a toddler not even a teenager owns a 29 million shillings watch. 


She can’t even tell time!!! 

And that’s not all below are some other incredibly over the top gifts that Offset and Cardi have gotten for their first baby together. 

Back in October 12, 2020 Offset showed off his youngest daughter's new car seat, crafted from a tan-colored fabric and emblazoned with Kulture's name. 

It’s just a car seat, you say to yourself we’ll do all car seats cost a whopping 8,000 dollars? The baby is all grown up and doesn’t even use it anymore! 

Well, the spoiling doesn’t come from daddy alone. “Bodak Yellow” hit-maker Cardi B (Kulture's mom) made it clear that if she’s looking fly and her man's looking fly, best believe their baby will be looking fly as well. 

She recently got her daughter a customized diamond piece necklace featuring characters from the children's series Word Party, which Cardi wrote is her daughter's favourite cartoon.

customized diamond neck-piece
cardi B customized diamond neck-piece
Image: instagram

The necklace, which cost about $100,000, is made out of diamonds, white gold, and brightly coloured enamel.

To close off the list is Kulture’s pastel yellow Birkin bag that's covered in a rainbow made out of thousands of Swarovski crystals that Cardi got for her back in 2021 which is estimated to cost around 48,000 dollars

Kulture’s pastel yellow Birkin bag
Kulture Kulture’s pastel yellow Birkin bag
Image: instagram

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