Kamene and Obinna's hacks for harsh economic times

The morning breakfast duo shares their experiences and hacks to remain sane in these economic times

at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene and Obinna react to the harsh economic times we are facing as a country.

It’s been an escalation of one thing after another.

You can no longer go to the supermarket/market/kiosk; you name it with a fixed amount of money unless there is something you are willing to forego.


The rate at which things are shooting up is ridiculous.

Or could it be that the vendors are taking advantage and having a role they are playing? You will go to your mama cereals, and the change you get is not adding up at all.

Kamene and Obinna are also not alien to the ongoing circus.

Obinna, in particular, was not pleased with all. He says that despite the basic necessities, being classified as food, shelter, and clothing, clothing is no longer part of the list for its Scrapped o- off.

Do you know human necessities as we were taught in school; food, shelter, and clothing," Obinna said.

" Saa hii clothing haiko (right now, clothing is not part of the equation),he stated.

He continued to highlight that he finally paid his house help and was shocked at her response since she was always asking for house necessities, and he kept telling her to wait.

I finally paid my house help, and she texted me 'thank you, God bless,' I was shocked," he admitted.

He disclosed that his way of dealing with the stiff economic times has been; rent, school fees, and paying the house help and food.

My priority has been paying rent since my kids can't sleep outside. Priority two has been paying school fees arrears," Obinna expressed.

 “Number three has been paying auntie since she has her family to fed and lastly food,” he put a period to it.

 The duo agreed that sherehe’ and the internet are a luxury that can lay avoid for the time being.

Internet for whom, Stima ni za 50 bob,” Kamene stressed.

Eeh, tokens za fifty bob Watoto wanafanya homework, Mimi ata natokanga kwa nyumba na Giza,” Obinna supported as they winded up.

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