Obinna-Family has been the biggest enemy to my progress

Kamene and Obinna speak about how some family members can be toxic to a person

at the studio
Kamene and Obinna at the studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

A family is a unit that is deemed as a safe space for many.

They are a shoulder you can easily lean on in case things go south, with no judgmental eyes or questions, and actually give you a hand till you bounce back.


On the other hand, friends are also people we often keep around as a forte. People you can easily confide in and trust to get sound counsel.

Well, I guess we are now living in different times.


Kamene and Obinna revealed that they have encountered rough and harsh in the hands of these categories (Family and Friendships).

"We have relatives whom no matter what you do you, you can never be enough, and if they hear you are doing something nice they will want to undermine it," Obinna got the show on the road.

He continued to highlight that family has been his main enemy to his progress.

" Nobody gives you your flowers (that congrats text/phone call), it all starts in-house. That has been my main," he stated as Kamene carried on.

"You find that you give most of your energy, money, and time to family, and it's only natural to expect them to have your back." 

Ever trusted family members with a project only to find out that no development has been taking place yet you have been sending finances?

Obinna shares his experience 

"You give your cousins a job to do, they won't do it and eat the money allocated when you have a project in the village and you keep sending money only to pull up one day and find nothing.

When you try asking for the money, your grandmother or uncle intervenes and there is nothing much you can do,"  he expounded as Kamene picked up on her biggest enemy of progress.

"My biggest enemy of progress which is weird, is my former friends, and it's all because they think they know me, and one thing with life is you constantly keep on evolving."


"Your name can be mentioned in rooms and they say 'but we know her,' 

but who they know is who I was not who I am." and that was on Periodt.

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