Bahati and Diana are expecting their 3rd child

Diana and Bahati announced their pregnancy through a music video titled 'Nakulombotov'

Bahati and Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

Diana Marua and Bahati are expecting their third child together.

The celebrity couple revealed their pregnancy news through a lavish music video as they lyrically sang to their unborn child.


The song is coined around the latest slang in town Nakulombotov which means 'I Love You'

A huge congratulations to the Bahatis. 

Fans and followers that were eagerly waiting for the big reveal hopped on to send their love to the couple.


Muchira Nyawira: Finalllyyyyy aki Fam you deserve an award for best African timekeepers. Lakini haidhuru love you regardless

Negman Osman: Congratulations to the Bahatis. Wish you all the best that this world could bring your way

Ruth Zawadi: Much love fam Congratulations The Bahatis

Previously, Diana had kept her fans skeptical as she posted multiple posts on her Instagram insinuating that something big had come her way.


She captioned that on  an image labeled, 'you open doors that no man can shut.'

The content creator proceeded to ask her fans if they were ready for the big reveal.

Fans had an array of speculations as they wrote; 

Patricia Mbula Kavendi: Mbona nafeel like I reveal the news to the people coz have been waiting for so long

Kharol Muks: Team pink we are ready

CyndyAtiz254: Another car

Negma Osman: New shop, baby clothes line

With Diana one can never be sure; brand ambassador, Musician, and Content creator all zipped up in one bag.

The Mathare MP aspirant took it on his page also as he asked;


Anxious netizens on his timeline wrote;

KelinKeila: Sasa mimba pia ni kitu yakutukalishia hivi?? 

Maggie Gomena: Mimi nime refresh YouTube ata nimechoka

Mariana Katana: Diana Bahatis new song which will also be revealing her pregnancy