Kamene-I would siphon oil if given the chance

Kamene said that with the way the cost of living is currently set up if an oil truck fell near her she would siphon the oil

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro
Image: File: Kiss FM

Following the truck carrying cooking oil that overturned and had Kenyans scrambling to fetch oil, Kamene just revealed that they cook using rendered pork fat.

Quite hard to believe that the fancy baby girl chairperson actually uses that instead of things like pure virgin oil.

"So last week remember there is a fuel tank that toppled over in Thika road and no one was touching it.


Guys were like even though times, I'm not risking this one. But now, yesterday a trailer carrying cooking oil fell and people were like this is it!" Kamene said animatedly.

Obinna mentioned that he had seen the accident online as he made fun of the situation while still encouraging Kamene to go on with her story.

" Buda people saw it and they rushed to the site to collect oil!" Kamene said before adding that if she had been around she had been among the people siphoning the oil.


" I was like if I had been there, bro I would have just been with a pipe and pump. " the radio babe said before adding that it was quit pitiful that as a nation we were at the level of scrambling for cooking oil.

" We are siphoning cooking oil...  seriously, cooking oil. Because that is where we are as a country."  Kamene said with hints of concern in her voice.

Her co-host on the other hand just wanted to know if the cooking oil was top grade or not.

An oblivious Obinna asked, " but that cooking oil was it like legit legit cooking oil or was it in the process of being refined?"

Kamene clearly more empathetic replied that in this economy it really did not matter.

" Who cares? What do you mean?" Kamene asked Obinna who couldn't help but chuckle.

"Wow! Mafuta ni mafuta?" He asked adding that it seems as long as the oil can fry food then it goes.

Kamene went on to add, " do you know sisi tunapika na mafuta ya pork... you see that fat when you cook pork and it releases fat, that oil. Kwanza that one gives food flavour."

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