Utanunua!? Elodie Zone selling puppy for 40k

Elodie highlighted that she was set to travel abroad and could not take her pets with her

Travel enthusiast Elodie Zone
Image: Instagram

Travel enthusiast and mental health activist, Elodie Zone has social media going crazy.

The reason? She placed her cat for sale at 10 thousand Kenyan shillings and puppy at a whopping 40 thousand shillings.

I had the same thoughts you are thinking right now, " A cat? For 10 thousand shillings?" Yes, that's the set price for the pet.

Considering the dog is a German Shepherd the price might be a little understandable but the cat!


Elodie put up the post on her Instagram stories sharing news that she was leaving the country thus her pet cat and dog needed a new home.

She wrote, " I recently got an opportunity abroad meaning I'll be leaving Kenya in a few months. Though it saddens me that I'm going to have to sell my puppy Maxi and cat Lofi. I can't fly into Europe with them."


The 25-year-old shared the qualities of her two pets probably in a bid to explain the prices.

Speaking about the cat ( Lofi) Elodie wrote, " Lofi is 3 years old Male. Updated jabs, will come with a vet book and crate.

Super chill and has never bitten or attacked anyone, also potty trained going for 10,000KSH"

Quite hard to believe the cat has never attacked anyone because honestly it seems like that is all they do. Nap, scratch people, sunbath, scratch people, hunt, scratch people... you get?

On the dog, the wanderlust babe wrote, " Maxi is turning 5 months in 2 weeks. Male pure breed, long coat, German Shepard. Toilet trained, knows sit, stay, down and to fetch. Updated jabs and comes with vet book, his favourite toys and blanket. 40,000 ksh (negotiable)"

Kenyans went berserk over Elodie's post, below are some of the reactions:

@beril_otieno: Rich people problems

@darzlynnediane: she can't give them out for free someone keeps them for her?

@kelvin_benson: A dog for 40 thousand? Kwani it knows how to prepare supper?

@shikoh_wanjikoh; Or maybe she is broke, these celebrities lol

@wakihiuwanjiru42: Ni gas na cooking oil tutastock au ni mbwa tutanunua?

@sam_wanderi: A dog that has attended group of schools.

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