Video-Check out Boda Boda with 5 TV screens

The Boda boda has several screens most surprisingly even at the pedestrian resting foot pedal.

motorcycle rider
Motorbike motorcycle rider
Image: photo for class

A Boda Boda rider decided to give Kenyans a good laugh/ surprise as he showcased his pimped Boda Boda.

Forget about Rongai nganya's for the meantime.

The bike has several screens most surprisingly even at the pedestrian resting foot pedal.


Another at the front, two at the rear side placed at the mudguards.

Luxury, Luxury, Luxury

Wait, how much do Boda Boda guys make, because at this rate!

The Boda Boda registration number, KMFH 597E caused a stir as people gathered to witness the creativity of the month.

Talk of flashy lights, music, the LED mini-screens, show stopper siren or as they are calling it 'Kingora'.

Check it out below:

Boda boda's have proved to be critical in the Kenyan transport system as they help us navigate through traffic, rush -hours in both rural and urban areas, and most importantly across pathetic road networks that cars or public service vehicles (PSV) cannot access.

Many Boda boda riders will pimp their rides to woo more clients, for the thrill/ vibe, to be 'that guy / 'ule msee.'

For artistic reasons, for the transport culture, to celebrate certain artists, for the satisfaction and comfort of the rider, and to improve the appearance of the 'beast'

KOT mostly were wondering what happens when it rains?

Does it mean he closes for the day? stalls till the heavenly showers subside? or he has some screen guards?

Hilarious feedback from netizens on Twitter:

@IamJoseh: Hapa pia inabidi afanye kazi usiku ndio investment ionekane

@Wandamu: sasa aweke screen ingine at the back of his helmet ndio passenger aweze kuwatch

@andysum10: One thing that Kenyans have in abundance is creativity.

@Mucakuru: Na kukinyesha?

@BravinYuri: Hapa hata driver anakuwa distracted. Kwanza Siasa ianze na Driver ni UDA passenger ni ODM. Na ni rally live.

@bobzsamir: Wanna know how this guy navigates during rainy days

@Ellannddd: Alafu ikishikwa iuzwe 40k pekee

and the highlight of it all: 

@Pimpsfordays: Kuna trolly ingine ya smokies na mayai huwa iko hapo Masimba iko pimped inakaa nganya. Speakers lights and everything. Huwa anapumo Kartel

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