Kamene and Obinna in shock over governors proposed send off package

Governors get an average basic salary of sh584,000, however, the take-home they are asking for gets to around sh920,000 a month

Kamene and Obinna in studio
kAMENE AND OBINNA Kamene and Obinna in studio

Kamene and Obinna have reacted to retiring governors' plans that would see them living a lavish, and overindulgent life for the rest of their lives.

The Kiss100  hosts were on guard as always and they were not having it, at all.


"It's 20 days to the general elections and the governors are at a standoff with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission(SRC), because they said they want a send-off package," Kamene said as she presented the case to the jury.

"I'm like, sendoff? for what?" she probed as Obinna chipped in, "For once I would say SRC  kudos, good job,"



"SRC is saying granting such packages to all departing governors now and in the future, will open floodgates to more unsustainable demands." 

Have they earned it? Babe Kamene broke it down.

"Forget unsustainable demands, the thinking that after doing almost nothing for 10 years, you deserve to be paid off for the rest of your life?"

"You want to put your existence on the back of hardworking, struggling Kenyans?" 

Kamene proceeded to sarcastically take us through what the governors were asking for delivering clean ships

"In their proposal, governors want to be recompensed Sh6.6 million each for each term served. A four-wheel, minimum 3000cc vehicle. A lifetime fuel allowance of about sh665,000 annually. Personal Assistant and Driver Full medical cover- local and overseas, for governor, spouse, and two kids."

As though things are not thick, 

"Just so you know, the average basic salary of a governor is sh584,000, however, the take-home gets to around sh920,000 a month if their demands are met," Obinna stressed.

what did KOT have to say?

@andima-douglas: Morning show sai tunakula ugali hatutaki makasiriko nanii.

 @babalucky: And Kenyans will accept it.

@hdmufasa: 2030 itafika tu kama Bado hatujaamka.

@Loko-rio: I don't refuse this hefty package that they ask for. However, they need to wait until my environment, education, health and other related factors of human habitation have been achievable. After that then their hefty package could be considered. Share that with em.

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