Learn to sue-Willy Paul urges artists

Willy Paul said that the only way artists will start earning respect and actually grow is if they stop baby sitting disrespect from companies and clients

Willy Paul
image: Courtesy Willy Paul

Kenyan artist/ song-writer Willy Paul has made a long rant on both his Instagram page and Twitter account where he urged Kenyan artists to learn to fight back so as to earn respect.

According to the 28-year-old, companies take advantage of Kenyan artists because they are meek and let disrespect fly. 


"Wasanii make sure client akichelewa na pesa yako you sue them!" part of Pozze's angry rant read.


He later on went to add that he feels the only way artists in the country will grow and earn respect is if they stop baby seating companies and people who delay their payments.

According to the "Kamati ya Roho Chafu" hit-maker, the best solution to deal with the menace in the industry is to involve the law.

His post went on to read, "KENYAN artists should get serious and start suing these people/companies. It's the only way tutapata heshima kama wasani!!!


They delay your money, you call them, they ignore your calls and it's your money! Get serious banaa!!"

Ironically I think I have come across more stories of artists who have been accused of delaying payments for creatives such as designers, party organizers, and DJs than of artists who have come out to speak about companies/ clients who have delayed their payments.

Maybe it is true what Willy Paul was saying and artists prefer to handle things behind closed doors so as to look paid.

Plus there is the fact that I feel like artists do not address delayed payments because they do not wish for other parties to get wind of that and think they can do the same. 

That takes me back to what beauty mogul Huddah Monroe was talking about a few months ago, claiming that most influencers take jobs or attend events without pay so as to look busy and paid to attract more jobs.

The 28-year-old Willy Paul finished off by saying, "I'm calling upon all Kenyan musicians. They must give us the respect we deserve!!" 

What is your take on all this? Do you agree with Pozze?

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