Obinna: Men love harder, women love faster

Obinna emphasized loving is harder for men and when they love and it crashes they are gone completely

Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

 Kiss Fm presenter Oga Obinna seems to have evolved to a love/ relationship expert and boy, does he have some notes to share.

In their funny yet heated debate today Obinna revealed that he believes men love harder than women, women just love faster. 

Together with his co-host Kamene Goro they dissected how the two genders deal with breakups and why he maintains his theory.


"But my thing is have you ever seen girls after a break up? They stop functioning properly, can hardly eat, work and stuff..." Kamene started off the argument defending why she thinks girls love harder

" But have you ever seen a man after a break up? After they've been left by their girlfriend?" Obinna asked his co-host clearly ready to dish out some tea.

Kamene just like the rest of us think clearly stated that men just move on with their lives.


Honestly sometimes they even will be in a new relationship even before you've finished deleting their number.

But Obinna had some deeper insight into the topic at hand

"Only if he did not love you," he bluntly replied. 

Obinna the relationship doctor continued, " Yes that is how it is, that is what happens and that is what most people misunderstand. For the few men who love, when she..." 

Obinna caught himself as he realized he was about to get personal. Kamene clearly in the inner circle squealed in excitement as she knew what Obinna was about to say before adding, " I saw what was about to happen there." 

Her co-host let out a laugh as he continued with his analogy, shifting the story from the " She' in question.

" When things happen... they get in a limbo and nothing is functioning because when a man loves they put all their eggs in a basket. But women are built to love, for them loving comes easy." Obinna said.

He finished off by explaining that loving is harder for men and when they love and it crashes they are gone completely.

Emphasizing that at the end of the day that the person who loves more is bound to get more hurt. 

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