'I don't pick calls after 8pm!' Kamene

Kamene spoke to the ladies about knowing their parameters and being selfish with their time and space.

Kamene Goro
Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Capital news

Kamene on #babebyKamene was serving sugar, spice, and everything nice as she reminded the baby girls 'waringe!'

"I don't know where this memo got lost, but I need to remind you, baby girl, ringa!" she stated. 

"Ringa, ringa, ringa, yako yote," she said to put emphasis.


Not that she was trying to start a firestorm but it was a gentle-crucial reminder.

"It is unnerving to see how available some ladies have become, to people, opportunities, to everything.

Yaani, wewe, unaishi maisha ya kwenda ivi na ivi (you live a life of going anywhere and everywhere) be selfish with your time, your self and the people you accord your time to," Kamene voiced.


Kamene was not in the business of preaching water and drinking wine, she has her grounds too; no calls after 8:00 pm.

"I don't pick up calls beyond 8:00 pm, because past 8:00 pm is my me time.

If you want to work with me, you look for me during working hours." she revealed.

"Baby girl, if you do not set those parameters people will walk all over you.

You cannot be called by every dude, 'uko? si upitie nikubaiye drink?' (where are you? can you pass by I buy you drinks) and you just go, that is how you become 'dem wa kubuiwa drinks,' (the girl who is always bought for drinks)

The amazing woman you have become has taken more than discipline, then now, you want to avail yourself to every garagaria," Kamene said in conclusion.

In the comment section, it seems men were of a contrary opinion;

Denizlegacy: But don't show up when you need ksh5k urgently ..if you're selfish stay selfish and afford your emergencies ..it is sexy

Faithfiona14: Hio nilikataa pia... I canceled everything toxic in my life. which is not adding value to me

Vincentowuor101: Unaringa tu kama uko na pesa. Okoberberie out hiya

salmabdallah47:So true have plan so Kila siku ww uko available tu

KiliruStephen: bora baby girl a ringe na akuwe na Pesa yake mwenyewe bure we will use her, give her gifts but eventually there is a heavy price for free gifts either apate dumbo ama akuwe whore in the name of an independent woman. My 2cents

chebet321: True have time for yourself

Caro_chirrie: Ringa yako YOOTEE

Sharon.liana: I wish Instagram had the share button

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