Director Phil gushes over Kate Actress

Director Phil said Kate's self confidence is on another level and she's a courageous woman.

Kate actress with Hubby Director Phil
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Kenyan film maker Phillip Karanja popular known as Director Phil in a recent interview could not help it but gush over his wife Catherine Kamau Karanja aka Kate actress as he credited her for his growth.

Phil praised the actress for helping him boost his self-esteem as he had self esteem issues growing up.

He then went on to adorably add that one of the qualities he's most draw to is his wife's self confidence and courage.


“Her self-confidence. I think that’s the one thing I’ve really learned. For her when she has an idea she jumps and goes to do what she wants and to be very honest that’s something I’ve had to teach myself and it has really helped that I have been close to her, watching how she moves.

That’s the one thing that really impresses me about her like her self-confidence is really on another level.”


The actor/ director also praised Abel Mutua and Njugush for their confidence levels adding that he is proud to be their friend..


Phil and Kate walked down the aisle back in 2017 in a private ceremony in Windsor hotel.

After their honeymoon, in a post Kate revealed how poorly they'd planned for their honeymoon and ended up going broke.

"Msituone hapa tulikiwa tumesota mbaya after wedding, we went to Seychelles for our honeymoon we had no idea how expensive the island was.

Wueeh anyways we survived.

Word of advice, spend less impressing guys kwa wedding and travel the world with your manz for your honeymoon, we still had fun," she posted.

When talking about his kids the film director revealed his son has started following in some of his steps.

Phil revealed he loves working out and has since noted that his 16-year-old son has also started working out even without him asking to.

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