Vanessa Chettelle loses her daughter after motorbike accident

Vanessa Chettle's daughter dies after being born prematurely

alias Chettle
Former socialite Vanessa Cheruto alias Chettle
Image: Instagram

Former aspiring socialite Vanessa Chettle has lost her daughter after she was born prematurely at 6 months.

The former socialite says she and her partner had made a decision not to announce their pregnancy publicly.

Sadly for them, she lost the baby after a motorbike accident made her deliver earlier than anticipated.

"I’d like to share some of my pics from a journey I started this year but sadly did not get to finish as I hoped.. yeah I was pregnant, just didn’t announce it publicly."


"A few days ago though, my partner & I encountered a motorcycle accident that we didn’t think was that serious, the weather was bad so we headed home, as I was making breakfast the next day, I started having sharp abdominal pains & in less than an hour I was bleeding in the bathroom screaming & waiting for an ambulance.

sigh History repeats itself and I gave birth to my barely six months old baby girl right there!"

Revealing the gender of the baby Chantal Chettle says her daughter was P.E.R.F.E.C.T

"Another miracle that made it into this crazy world in a crazy way though she was perfect!The only problem is that she was too early and I was too weak.


I held her so close, myself drifting n out of consciousness, and finally, we made it to the hospital. I was going to name her Ayanna."

Chettle, lost her premature baby following complications with her fragile lungs.

"Still hooked to machines and deep into blood transfusions, I wasn’t allowed to leave or move for 24 hours. My family didn’t want to tell me anything either, they just wanted me to get “back to life”

So I waited n waited n when I could finally see her I was broken. I prayed she would survive but she looked so frail n was so tiny.

And after four good days, my baby’s lungs gave in yes this is God’s plan but it hurt so much. I’ve been through a lot but this surpasses it all."

Vanessa says she hopes God will give her the grace to handle the grief that came with the loss.