Tanasha Donna: I am single

Tanasha Donna has been rumored to be dating Omah Lay.

poses for the camera
Tanasha Donna poses for the camera
Image: Instagram

Tanasha Donna has confirmed she is currently single.

She is however optimistic that she will soon get her Mr. Right.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi during an interview with Mpasho the 'Maradonna' hit maker shared

"I am single, maybe there is someone who could potentially be the next guy. "

Tanasha says she is not mostly impressed by looks as they can be deceiving.

"I have met a lot of looking guys with nasty character, that is a turn off. Character is very key."

If you think by dating her you won't have to work hard, then forget about it.

Tanasha loves a man who knows how to get his hand dirty.

"I want someone who is hard working and a believer. someone who loves God more than he loves me."

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"I also want a hardworking man.

 I am working to make something for myself so I want someone who is making something for him else I will feel like you are lazy."

Tanasha says you don't have to be rich, Just prove you can work for your money

" You don't have to be rich and grounded, you can't just be out here you have to have a purpose.

I am a very deep person, I do not hand around a lot of people but the people I hang around fulfill my purpose."

Tanasha was in the past engaged to Diamond Platnumz with whom she sired her son Naseeb.

Speaking on Wasafi’s Good Morning Program Monday, Diamond Platnumz said it was when he was with Tanasha that he decided to do away with all his philandering ways.

“She never caught me red-handed…Seriously, it was during the time that I was with Tanasha that I decided to do away with all my past childish behavior and dedicated my time to her,” he told program hosts.

He also stated that he had seriously wanted to marry the damsel before things between them went sour.