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Divorce cases have been on the rise and we can't help but wonder when the rain started beating us.

Contrary to what many believe divorces or breakups aren't caused by 'complicated stuff' its the 'petty' stuff that counts.

Below are the major reasons most marriages break



Lack of financial accountability leads to most marriages and relationships breaking.This is because couples with financial secrets have trouble working together on a family project.

Kenyan women have perfected the art of 'Your money is our money but my money is mine.' Most would rather die than reveal what they earn.


Sexual incompatibility

Funny as it may sound couples most times break up when they are no longer sexually compatible.

Women are the most affected by different factors in family planning and childbirth among other changes.

Fertility/Infertility issues

Couples who have trouble conceiving have a higher chance of getting divorced than couples who have no trouble conceiving.

This is because in the African setting having a child is considered an achievement.

Couples with no kids whether voluntarily or not such couples are often stigmatized.

Only a man or woman with grace can liev for years with a partner who has trouble conceiving.

Toxic in-laws

We all know that not all in-laws are heaven-sent, some are just sheep in wolf clothing.Most people get divorced when one partner cannot tolerate the toxicity in the other partner's family.

Different goals

If a couple gets married for the wrong reasons eg pregnancy, or seeking financial aid chances are the marriage won't last.

It is paramount to get married when ready and to the right person.Do not let circumstances lead you to a situation you might regret.

Unrealistic expectations

Most people want to leave beyond the means of what their spouses can provide.

Given a chance would you still marry the person you are currently married to ama bora uhai?

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