Chito weighs in on ladies 'kula fare'

Chito revealed that the girl had traveled 940km to see the guy only for him to switch off his phone and ghost her

cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito

On air Chito dived into a trending and controversial story of a guy who left his girlfriend stranded after she traveled over 900 km to come visit him.

" This one... there is another type of character development that you receive in life and when that character development pulls up it teaches you something that you'll never understand,' Chito started off the conversation candidly. 

He later on went ahead to expound on the special type of character development that he was talking about.


Chito said, " so there is a lady who traveled 940 KM to see her boyfriend whom she met on social media... when she arrived guess what the guy did? He blocked her and went missing." 

"No way!" His co-host Cyd said in shocked disbelief.

Chito repeated his statements reassuring Cyd that he wasn't making up what he was saying,


" After traveling 940 KM ! This shawry went a distance like from Mombasa to Kisumu then Kisumu back to Mombasa, that distance." Chito said animatedly.

At this point Cyd could not contain her laughter and dismay at the same time.

She was between laughs and exclamations of shock.

Chito was candidly mellow about the whole story as Cyd tried to dissect what had led to the mans act.

"Kwani did he see her then...?" Cyd asked to which Chito confirmed yes he did. " He saw her and was like naah... coz she called him when she arrived and was like baby I'm here but then the guy switched off his phone and went missing," Chito added animatedly. 

The animated presenter went on to add that that situation is what he popularly refers to as general karma. " This is the type of Karma that attacks one for the sins of many," a statement that had Cyd howling with laughter.

"I don't feel sorry for her she is suffering for all the females that ate/eat fare!" Chito then declared.

Cyd cut him off by telling her co-host that his statement was not fair. " Why? Chito that is not fair!" She exclaimed. 

"Let me tell you hii maneno ya wanawake kukula fare, you don't know whom it might land on... it might be you Cyd you might be the chosen one," Chito finished off.

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