WCB fines Rayvanny 2.5 million for perfoming at Nandy's event

Rayvanny fined 2.5 million for breaching WCB contract

Tanzanian artist Rayvanny
Image: Instagram

Former Wasafi signee Rayvanny has allegedly been charged another TSh50 million (KSh2.5 million) for going against their contract.

According to Tanzanian media, Rayvannyhas not been cleared to perform at any concert until he fully terminates his contract with Diamond's record label.

He will now be forced to pay TSh50 million more after performing at Nandy's festival last month.

"Rayvanny went to seek help from Basata because of the amount of money he was charged by Wasafi.

 He was not supposed to perform at any concert before he was cleared by Wasafi record label, but he went ahead and performed at Nandy's event."  the report says.

Diamond recently told DW Africa that signees quit his label because they fail to honor the contract regulations.

"We don't just sign artistes, we make sure we transform their music into business and make them very rich," Diamond said.

Diamond added that some artists want to take everything by force with understanding the business dynamics of music labels.

"That is why artistes signed under Wasafi become big artistes. Some of them after we have done that, now want to take it from us by force. They want to be given the whole amount of money they get while working under Wasafi."

In 2020, after Rich Mavoko quit the label, his sister said he was asked by Diamond Platnumz to pay Tsh500 million (Sh23 million) to be allowed to terminate the contract with the label.

Rayvanny was charged TSh800 million (KSh40 million) to terminate his contract.

Harmonize is also among artistes who quit being WCB signees.

He revealed the reason he quit is because WCB was then taking 60% of all the proceeds  he made from his music.

"(I was signed to WCB, I  have never denied that. I have also never denied that Diamond helped me.

All I want to do is make Tanzanians to know is how he supported me and every one who supports him."

Further adding;

"I signed a 10 year contract and every money that I made I only took 40%while WCB took 60%."

Harmonize currently has his own record label.