Kenyans spending 74 billion on alcohol!

Kamene noted that we were the highest spending East African country when it comes to alcohol

at the studio
Kamene and Obinna at the studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

On today's Morning Kiss Breakfast Show presenters Kamene Goro and her co-host Oga Obinna dived into statistics that indicate Kenyans' love for alcohol has skyrocketed.

" Eeehh Kenyans you guys are drinking too much, " Kamene started off the conversation as she giggled.

She and Obinna got into a round of singing some top Kenyan hit songs that are all about 'sherehe' (as we popularly term going out/ drinking from Iyanii's 'Furaha' to his other hit song 'Pombe'  

Kamene then went ahead to note, " you guys have taken it a bit too far."

Obinna, forever the comedian started imitating a drunkard ordering drinks in the club for him and his friends. 

" You know out of the whole East Africa like we thought Ugandans were the ones who were better than us but no no no, " Kamene went on before revealing that Kenyans were spending billions on alcohol.

" Kenyans are spending up to 74 billion Kenyan shillings on alcohol! " Kamene said shocked by the statistics. 

She then went on to add that two years ago Uganda was in the lead as the 'most drunk' nation but now Kenya had taken the cup.

" Last year, no actually two years ago the Ugandans were doing better than us in that they were higher than us but kwa sasa Kenyans mmechukua kikombe. " Kamene said before she jokingly went ahead to enact a ceremony handing over the cup to her fellow Kenyans for putting the country on the map as a drinking nation.

Obinna joined in jokingly adding that the country now has a medal of honor.

But hey, in the country's defense doesn't the whole universe agree that hydration is important?

Taking a break from the jokes Kamene noted that she was really curious as to why citizens were this thirsty. 

" But one of the things I was thinking about is why? What changed in the last year? " the host wondered adding, " Like I get sherehe inaslap! Sherehe huslap tena sana in the 254 but what has Kenyans drinking this much?"

Obinna (who doesn't drink) said he could list a few reasons that could be motivating factors from what he's observed.

" To forget, to remember, to fit in, to waste time/ do things they can't do while sober, available money, peer pressure and stress," Obinna said.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Kenyans are drinking too much? And if so, why? 

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