Jolie allegedly behind FBI lawsuit against Pitt

The couple have been beefing for the past few years since that tragic flight in 2016

in Cannes
Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt in Cannes
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The ongoing fight between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie might not be ending anytime soon.

According to insiders close to Brad Pitt, Angelia Jolie allegedly sued the FBI over records she previously possessed and is now desperately attempting to find anything new in their ongoing dispute.

The actress is thought to have sued the FBI in April under the alias Jane Doe, asking for records linked to an investigation into Pitt, purportedly in an effort to learn why Pitt wasn't charged with a crime after the 2016 trip that prompted her to file for divorce.


The report reveals that the matter was discussed in November 2017 by the Assistant United States Attorney and the Assistant United States Chief of the Criminal Division before the decision was made not to press charges against Pitt.

together in the happy past
Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt together in the happy past
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Back in 2016, the couple and their 6 kids took a trip on a private plane from Nice, France, to the US, a trip that would gain infamy for its subsequent fall-out with Jolie filing for divorce six days later.

Jolie claimed in the initial FBI report that she thought Pitt was "crazy."


As they argued over one of their children on the trip from September 14, 2016, Jolie said that her then-husband, who had been drunk, had taken her to the bathroom and "grabbed her by the head, shaking her" as well as shaking her by the shoulders.

She claimed that after scolding her, "You're f—ing up this family," he punched the plane's ceiling four times. ‘

When the kids asked, “Are you OK, Mommy?” "No, she's not OK, she's ruining this family, she's crazy," Pitt allegedly responded.

It was at this point that one of the children, exclaimed, "It's not her, it's you, you p—k!"

Then, according to reports, Pitt allegedly went in the direction of the child, but Jolie allegedly held him back while getting her back and elbow hurt.

Despite their current legal divorce, she and Pitt are still at odds over who will have custody of their young children.

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