Nasra explains why she no longer appears on Churchill show

Nasra has however been creating a lot of online content in the last two years

reveals she's lost her creativity to write jokes
Comedian Nasra Yusuf reveals she's lost her creativity to write jokes
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Even after the pandemic cleared and Churchill Show got back on the road, (and even got a new home) Netizens noticed that Kenya's only Somali female comedian Nasra Yusuf was missing in action.

Nasra was widely loved thus she has been greatly missed. In a recent interview with Presenter Ali the comedian revealed that she wasn't kicked out or anything she just lost her touch when it comes to crafting jokes.

Replying to the question of why she left the comedy scene she heartily replied, "hapana sijatoka, ni vile... sijui niseme aje. When Covid came, vitu mingi zili change sindio? And for me from hiyo time, manze nimesahau kuandika mistari, si ati ni kitu ingine" said Nasra as she laughed at her revelation. 

Ali looked a little skeptical and she took the moment to reassure him that she honestly had no other excuse or a sob story as to why she had been missing on stage. 

"Si ati niko na excuse ingine. Ai! Manze I'm struggling kuandika joke, una understand?" Nasra maintained 

Nasra went on to reveal that she gets offers for gigs from time to time but she does not feel ready to be on stage just yet.

"Kila time mi hupata kuna poster zina creatiwa, naambiwa niaje utapiga hii show ya Mombasa? Utapiga hii Kisumu, sijui wapi? And I'm like, guys sina mistari." said the 27-year-old star.

She added that she has been turning down the opportunities for fear that she might go on stage and be so bad that Kenyans will practically chase her off.

"Na turn down. Na I don't want niende stage, after two years, eh wasee wanashindwa 'ey, what happened? huyu ni nini ilifanyika?' So nataka nijitafute pole pole tu. Siku mtaniona stage mtajua nimejipata." she finished off.

Nasra has however been creating a lot of online content in the last two years and has a YouTube channel that has been growing tremendously. 

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