Crazy amount Dj Bash pays as fees for 4-year-old son

The entertainer had previously said his online family was all he had

Dj Bash and his baby mama
DJ Bash Dj Bash and his baby mama
Image: Instagram

For the better part of the day, Dj Bash has been on a back and forth with netizens on Twitter after he shared his baby mama drama.

On his Instagram page, the DJ shared data revealing that his baby mama coerced him into paying Khs 150,000 for his four-year-old son per term.

His negotiating efforts proved futile as she said her son needed to be in a school near her.


Dj Bash revealed that his baby mama lived in Kileleshwa.

Though a minority of netizens was on his case, a majority rallied behind him with supportive statements.

Check out some of the comments below;

Heisenberg: but people will bully that poor man, kuleta siasa yako online huwa kazi bure, huku mtu atakutsi na ana survive na fuliza


DiabloHe said he has only his fans. Apa ndio anaweza ongea nao.

ⓨⓤⓛⓔ ⓑⓐⓘⓣⓔ: Alaf wasee wanamtusi left right and center, I STAND WITH DJ BASH.

atelophobi.c_:Dj bash should just walk away. The kid will look for him eventually

chief: I was looking for this, as long as it's not him who ran away from responsibilities, his son will look for him, and all that spending he should learn to say no, he's a man, not a boy. Being petty won't help him.

Cufféé: Toxic women destroy good men too, but we barely talk about that.

George KipropThis is very simple. Leave her and tell the tale to your child once aki grow. Trust you, she will come back begging.

AsaHe should go to court, seriously.

_Macron.:Once you have a weak frame, a woman will work ok you ruthlessly. Dj Bash carries the relationship like a democracy. The woman understands that with the child near her she has huge bargaining power. It's a scheme to suck money from Dj Bash. Read Rational Male Book 1

Marie Ashley: Some things are just unrealistic, and not even necessary, what happened to live according to your means

Real McCoy: Set bad precedence when a woman uses a child as a point of coercion. Not nice.