Singer Wahu rushes to the hospital

Wahu shared she was constantly having to deal with swollen feet and hands, and she needed to be checked up

Wahu rushes to the hospital
Wahu Wahu rushes to the hospital
Image: Instagram

Celebrated Kenyan artist Wahu Kagwe shared on her social media platform that she was going to seek medical attention after the recent swelling of her hands and feet.

She added she was going to get a blood test to get to the bottom of the matter.

"Going to get some blood work done, my hands and feet have been swelling, so going to check what's up." she wrote as she showed her swollen hand.

Doctors say inflammation in hands and feet can have different causes. Sometimes it has to do with circulation; other times, it has to do with fluid retention or movement and postural factors.

The mother of two announced her pregnancy in a cute dance alongside her family.

In the video posted on her social media, Wahu shared a video with her family all jamming to their new song 'Deep' and noted they were expecting a new member in their family.

Wahu had previously told Word Is (The star entertainment segment) that she did not want another baby after rumors circulated that she was pregnant.

"There is nothing and I don't think I want a baby anymore," she said at the time.

The mother of two said there was a time she wanted a third child, but not anymore.

"I am okay. My last born Nyakio is almost turning seven years, and I am enjoying the fact she is doing most of the things by herself. She baths herself; she feeds herself and all that," she said.

"When I visit my friends with small babies and see how they struggle with them, I am like, I do not want to do this again. They are cute and babies are gorgeous, but I do not want to go through all that again.

"It's pleasurable but I think I am good with the two girls," she said.

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