Makena Njeri's advise on finding oneself

Makena Njeri is the CEO and founder of Bold Network Africa

Makena Njeri on self awareness
Makena Makena Njeri on self awareness
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Makena Njeri, or if you like Chris Muriithi, has been vocal on their truth and what they stand for. In their recent post, Makena noted that they wished they could live their truth when they were younger.

"I wish I was able to live my truth when I was a kid just like all the other kids."

They proceeded to state that despite the missed opportunity, they are glad they can live it now and make it easier for other kids to live their own truth.


"Currently living my truth and working for my community to make sure other kids have it easy (heart emoji) LOVE." Makena captioned a photo of their younger self.

In past interviews, Makena has opened up about not being a normal kid or not gravitating toward the set norm, e.g., toys a male or female child is supposed to play with

Makena further stated that the journey to self-discovery takes time,  with love being the fuel.


"Figuring yourself out takes time, awareness plus adventure. Living in that identity to your fullest potential only requires love.

Consistently! Hang in there it’s going to be okay. Be bold about who you are, love yourself and the world will adjust."

The former Tahidi High thespian opened up on why they had come out of the closet saying,

"I have made myself vulnerable and made my life an open book. All this so that my experiences can be the gateway to all people being loved for who they are and just as they are. No one is superior and no one should be treated differently."

Makena added that they loudly and proudly spoke about the people they loved so that they can also inspire others.

"I have done interviews where my life experiences have resonated with so many and because of my journey people have felt a sense of belonging. Trust me I also belong because of ya’ll ♥️. I have openly talked about my love experiences and celebrated love loudly so that others can gain the courage to do the same and to feel free to love who they love like everyone else."

Makena is the CEO and founder of bold network Africa which is all about advocacy and rights for LGBT.

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