who has gine viral
Timothy Lekolool who has gine viral
Image: Twitter

After a video showing Brigadier Timothy Lekolool switching sides after William Ruto was inaugurated in as president went viral, he became a trending topic.

Many people turned him into a meme by comparing him to a lover who leaves you as soon as you get bankrupt.

He served as Uhuru Kenyatta's Aide-De-Camp.

A military officer serving as a trusted assistant to a senior officer is known as an aid-de-camp.

Timothy is normally solemn when on job, but a picture of him grinning has gained a lot of attention.

Check out some of the comments below.

@Eduh_rotich: Ouh! Kumbe jamaa anaeza smile?? Strange! I hear no one has ever see his teeth

@Sherrywatz: Never seen this guy smile.... Got a cute one there

@LynnJyms: Kumbe he can smile nini ni plate amevaa ama ni bomb? hawa watu waogope sana, anythingis possible.

@JoyMboya_KE: His smile...the very white teeth Mwambie akuje aniue tu.

@Pauline04186533: Kweni this guy smiles kumbe unakuwanga na smile poa hivo alaah....is good you have also realized that freedom has come cheers to many more smiling days naona Sasa mtakuwa mkicheka na Ruto he is friendly is just that you can't tell us about the other boss it wasn't easy.

@BrandinaL: Can u ask him for my baby jayden's number now that he is free n off tight security. I can now look 4 him.

@owitidavid4: After ten years, atleast I can see smiling of brigadier Timothy leikolool God is great!!

@Violetmoraa19 : You mean this guys has such a beautiful smile .. wueeh if I love my job was a person.

@OriginalUgandan: I didn't know he smiles too. Sometimes he looks like a robot.

@mkiaritha: Kumbe huyu jamaa hucheka? Sasa atepea Kenyan ngeos sleepless nights

@EveNikki2: He smiles . The other day I saw him rolling his eyes lol. I've been wondering if he ever get those wandering moments and remember Jayden's memes and just feel like cracking.

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