She has praised Lutaaya for making her happy
Shakib Lutaaya and Zari Hassan. She has praised Lutaaya for making her happy

Businesswoman Zari Hassan is out here gushing over her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya over what she has termed as changing her life.

In a new TikTok video, the mother of five confessed that she is currently glowing in her relationship and all thanks to Lutaaya.

In the video, the socialite pokes fun at detractors and revels in the calmness that has caused her to put on weight, which she credits to her romance with Lutaaya.

"I'm starting to grow big. I see the cheek. I have given myself a lot of peace. Mr. Lutaaya you're giving me a lot of peace, because, people, let me tell you about peace of mind, let me tell you about peace of mind, that one, no matter what you do, you grow big, even when you are not eating,” Zari confessed.

Adding that;

"Mr. Lutaaya whatever you are doing, add more. Add me another dose, whatever you are doing because they are working, they are working. Even those bewitching are frustrated, they need a refund. I still have my peace, go and ask for a refund."

Since hooking up with Lutaaya, 30, Zari, 41, has vacillated between being aggressive and defensive as backlash grows from people who think her lover is much younger than her and could pass for her son.

Just the other day, she was again in the headline fighting off critics of her newfound love.

In a bitter rant via her TikTok, Zari alleged that women hating on her are busy cheating on their partners with married men.

She warned critics to refrain from dragging her name and allow her to enjoy her new flame.

"Women who are on my case, leave me alone. You are cheating with married men, leave me alone. You are hidden like ARVs. Tell me if I'm lying," she said in a TikTok video.

Ms Hassan alleges that most of her critics are dating men who can’t even show them off.

"You like men who are already in relationships. You are hidden like ARVs. You allow these men to use you in darkness. But he can't sit with you at a restaurant and have a coffee with you," she continued.