who says he has turned down 6 radio job offers
Jalang'o who says he has turned down 6 radio job offers
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Lang'ata MP Jalang'o has declined six employment offers that require him to return to radio.

In a recent interview, Jalas explained that companies continue to value his work ethic, which is why they want to work with him.

The lawmaker said that his greatest accomplishment was his commitment to hard work, which is why he would always be useful to any company that needs his services.

“It’s like 6 radio stations. When you know what you do and how hard you work and employers know that you are somebody who puts time… you know our generation

"Any time you are given work to do, give it 100 percent, work hard and employers will always love you. There are so many radio stations who would still want me today, to have me back on air because they know 6:00 am every morning I will always be there to start the work," he told Eve Mungai.

The comedian appears to be an expert at pushing himself outside his comfort zone in order to achieve his goals.

Prior leaving to work for radio Maisha, a station owned by the Standard Group, he began his radio career at Kiss 100.

Before Royal Media's Hot 96 called, he spent some time working at Radio Maisha with Alex Mwakideu.

He left the station to join Jeff Koinange on the Breakfast show. He stayed at the radio station for almost two years before he was poached by Milele FM.

At Milele he reunited with his former colleague and friend Alex Mwakideu. They worked together until 2020 when the Covid pandemic checked in.

He exited Mediamax unceremoniously and within a short period, he rejoined Kiss 100 when his radio journey began.

He left Kiss in February 2022 to join the political world and in August he won the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

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