Otile Brown acquires Sh900K pendant in memory of late grandmother, fans react

Otile Brown gets a Diamond Pendant worth Ksh.902,625.00 with his late grandmother's picture embedded

Obizee's expensive pendant leaves netizens in awe
Otile Brown Obizee's expensive pendant leaves netizens in awe
Image: Instagram

Musician Jacob Obunga, popularly known as Otile Brown, has caused a stir online after purchasing a Ksh.902,625.00 worth of pendant to commemorate his late grandmother.

” My late grandma Elizabeth surrounded by Diamonds," he wrote

He then tagged Ice Box, which is one of the leading Jewelers in the United States of America specializing in diamonds.

"Thank you @icebox… I love you Rest in Peace.” Otile Brown posted on his Instagram Stories.

The pendant in the Ice Box official store goes for USD 7,500, which when converted to Kenyan shillings is about Ksh.902,625.00.

Otile Brown has previously shared he did not have it easy growing up; this is because he lost his parents when he was still a young boy who was not mature enough to survive on his own. 

It resulted in his late grandmother (Elizabeth) filling up the parental care and love.

Early last year, Otile shared a video in the company of his grandmother as they were having a moment

"She is shy, #Jaber means beautiful, am telling you, my grandmother, is very beautiful," he captioned.

Many took time to note the Dusuma artist resembled his grandmother.

Netizens shared their mixed reactions as they wrote,

itsonly_monroe: Wowwww ❤️❤️❤️ that's such a beautiful gesture! RIP dear grandma

trizermpararia: I will one day have one for my susu❤️

the_binofficial: It's worth it 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

msaniibabji: Golden gift🔥🔥🔥❤️

_missotieno: Pesa n nzuri🔥🙌alafu pesa mingi 😂

_kijana_ya_putin:Nko na rosary yangu roho safi tu 😂

ni.giddy: Sasa 900K na shosh yake nani valuable

mumbecatherine: Na c wanafanana aki,rest with Angle granny

ms_swahili: Pesa wewe,

nba4lslime: If Your grandparents are alive, you are lucky

naka_michael: Pure love❤️

ambussi_: Rest easy grand ma!😢

suuelasue: Pesa wewe... Oti.. Oti..

acepangani: Lakini mbona hamnanga pesa😮😂😂😂😂😂ama ni your greedy girlfriends 😂😂😂

wicky_lawd: All Elizabeth's are for keep 💯

mluo_social.light:Queen Elizabeth 😍

maskoot.baraka: 😂😂😂 weeeh pressure huku nje ni extra

hood_x_quan: Mnaone vile Money is sweet wadau😂😂

glams_by_clare: 😂😂😂😂😂kwani tuli divorce pesa Aki wewe I need you 😂😂

maskcappy_150k: 😂😂😂 hio waliunda na steel wakaspray na mafuta taa

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