'I can't walk or sit down,' Amira reveals

Amira said that the sudden turn of events was caused by a herniated disc that she developed years ago

Amira says she can't walk or sit
Amira. Amira says she can't walk or sit
Image: Instagram

Jimal's ex-wife Amira has shared some shocking news where she noted she couldn't walk or sit down.

The news comes as the beauty enjoyed her Dubai stay, which she religiously documented on her page.

Due to the sudden turn of events, she noted that she was cutting her long-planned Dubai trip short.


"It's unfortunate that I had to cut off my trip yesterday I got my nerve pinched on my left leg. I'm experiencing extreme pain and numbness in my left leg I can't walk or even sit down for now," she noted.

She described the injury as a herniated disc that had developed years ago that has reoccurred and is limiting her from walking and even sitting down.

"This is caused by a herniated disc which I developed years ago," she added.

She wrote that she planned to start her physiotherapy in order to recuperate from the sudden illness.

"But once am home I'll start with my physiotherapy We fall but we rise again Inshallah."

The mother of two has revealed a medical condition that has flared again in Dubai
Amira smiling. The mother of two has revealed a medical condition that has flared again in Dubai
Image: Instagram

A herniated disc is a condition that results from the rupture of the disc between the bones of the spine, and the soft inner portion of the disc (nucleus) protrude outside through the hard outer ring (annulus).

This causes pain when a nerve is compressed.

Netizens had a few kind words and some totally didn't understand the assignment

chris_tinah7: We love her...Get well honey‼️

itsabbynally:Wakamba wamecheza kama wao😢😢

essy_wangechi: Quick recovery beautiful mama❤️

s.h.e.e__blax: Her village people are not happy with that trip

elsysherry:Nisawa tu pesa ya shopping ikiisha.

aruwadankevin: Must you always announce all your moves in public????

prettymum12: Since Amira left that good-for-nothing man, she's been living a good life😍😍😍😍 enjoy mama

being____daisy: Me when I'm running out of money in Gikombaa I always say I'm having some headaches. Then head home. 😚😌

ndagh_002: Nikama wameongeza kuku 😂😂😂😂

kayla_achy: ❤️❤️❤️speedy recovery

Quick recovery to the boss lady and aspiring 2027 women rep.

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