who feature on on our weekly segment #TheKissRoudUp.
Diana Marua, Juliani, Kambua and Jacque Maribe who feature on on our weekly segment #TheKissRoudUp.
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Yoh! This week on our hot and entertaining segment #TheKissRoundUp we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry.

So let’s dive straight into it!

Jacque Maribe speaks on claims she's suicidal

Jacque Maribe addressed claims that she was under suicide watch.

That means a person who is being kept under constant watch because they are thought to be in danger of killing themselves is known as being on a suicide watch.

On September 22, 2022, the TV queen spoke to Nairobi News saying that she never pays attention to blogs trying to get traction by utilizing her name only to garner more likes and clicks.

“Suicide watch? Depression? By who? When? Why? I don’t even drink. I’m happy and healthy.

But ni life, sasa watu wakitaka clicks tufanye? (But it is life, if people want clicks, what do we do?).” She said

She also said that nobody in her family reads such crazy comments, therefore they are not concerned for her safety.

In response to the accusations, Maribe declared they will take the blog to court.

'I am broke, I am not poor,' Juliani

Phenomenal Kenyan rapper Juliani, who spoke to Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi today morning, stressed the importance of genuine support.

"I am surprised how people really want to help when mtu ako na matanga that's when people are willing to send money," he said.

"But they are not willing to send money to buy your album or support any other artist; people want to send money when they can put you down or when you are down. 

It's really unfortunate, coz they perceive you are less than them."  

He proceeded to share his 2 cents urging fans to be sincere in their support.

"People should be genuine about their support. You don't support wasee just because wako kwa matata or because wako kwa shida.

Let's create an environment where you see a young person with an idea, let's support those ideas."

Building on it, the father of two noted that it wasn't just about "helping but also building yourself. Nimeona wasee want to help when uko kwa shida, they don't want to help because they are inspired by what you do, which is sad."

Juliani expressed that though he was broke, he was not poor,

"I am broke; I am not poor; being broke means you don't have revenue, and probably you don't have cash flow. I am working on the cash flow as there are investors am talking to," Pointing out,"And there is no money that anyone can send me that will get me there."

Kambua's advice to women who have lost children through miscarriages

Former TV presenter Kambua is yet to overcome the loss of her son.

Kambua shares on small coffins being the heaviest
Kambua. Kambua shares on small coffins being the heaviest
Image: Instagram

The award-winning artist through her Insta Stories posted about how heartbreaking it is for a parent to carry his/her baby's coffin.

"The smallest coffins are the heaviest. One day I will tell you about that. Not today, someday."


"If you know someone who has had a miscarriage, a stillbirth, infant loss call them, text them. Let them know they are loved. Let them know their baby mattered." Kambua advised.

Kambua lost her son Malachi on February 15th 2021 meaning that on February 11, 2022, Kambua's late son Malachi would have turned 1.

To celebrate his birthday Kambua and her husband cut a cake in memory of him.

Sharing the cake on her socials at the time Kambua shared,

"Happy 1st birthday in heaven my precious Malachi 🤍👼🏾. We’d have loved to hold you close today, but I know Jesus and the angels have smothered you with so much love and that gives us peace.

Eugene Mbugua to produce The Real Housewives of Nairobi

Kenya’s renowned creative powerhouse, Eugene Mbugua landed yet another major deal as the producer of the much anticipated The Real Housewives to Nairobi.

Mbugua has been tasked to produce #RHONairobi, a show that will debut on Showmax in 2023.  

“The team at D&R Studios is very stoked about the opportunity to produce The Real Housewives of Nairobi,” said Mbugua.

Adding that; “We’ve had a long and good relationship with Showmax, and are very excited to now be working together on an international format. We’ve gone through a very rigorous process of being shortlisted and are now geared up and ready to start production.”

On what the audience can expect with Nairobi, following the success of other African franchises, Mbugua said;

“There’s quite a bit of pressure from the audience to deliver a stellar show but if what we’ve seen in the casting process is anything to go by, Nairobi promises to hold its own. Fans can expect surprises in everything, from the choice of the cast to the storylines. The Real Housewives of Nairobi is going to be the show to watch.”

The Streaming platform has partnered with NBCUniversal Formats to make Reality Series available in Kenya and the entire East Africa Market.

'I can't walk or sit down,' Amira reveals

Jimal's ex-wife Amira shared some shocking news where she noted she couldn't walk or sit down.

The news comes as the beauty enjoyed her Dubai stay, which she religiously documented on her page.

Due to the sudden turn of events, she noted that she was cutting her long-planned Dubai trip short.

"It's unfortunate that I had to cut off my trip yesterday I got my nerve pinched on my left leg. I'm experiencing extreme pain and numbness in my left leg I can't walk or even sit down for now," she noted.

She described the injury as a herniated disc that had developed years ago that has reoccurred and is limiting her from walking and even sitting down.

"This is caused by a herniated disc which I developed years ago," she added.

She wrote that she planned to start her physiotherapy in order to recuperate from the sudden illness.

Mammito finally confirms break up with Eddie Butita

Hilarious content creator Eunice Wanjiru aka Mammito revealed that she and fellow comedian, Eddie Butita are no more.

She was confirmed this while speaking to radio host Ankali, saying that she wasn't single, and that she had never been even for a day!

The 'Naibuz' actress has revealed that she and the Netflix content creator are no more
Eddie Butita with Mammito in a file photo. The 'Naibuz' actress has revealed that she and the Netflix content creator are no more
Image: Instagram

"Ninakaa kukaa single ata siku moja? Nikiwachwa tu hivi watu wako kwa line." (Do I look like being single even for a day? The moment someone leaves me, others are already queued), but do we say?

She further expressed that the mystery man she was dating was not a public figure but a low-key person.

"Ni mtu low-key." (It's someone with a low-key profile)

Adding to her statement, she said that she was in his company as she traversed the Maasai Mara.

Her statement might confirm the widely held rumour that she and popular comedian Eddie Butita went their separate ways. 

Maxwell Mwamburi plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery

Maxwell Mwamburi, now Hunty Maxine, the newest tea master in town, revealed that they are planning to undergo organ surgery. During an interview with 2mbili, the popular influencer said,

"I can change my identity and probably go abroad for surgery to correct my privates."

Maxwell Mwamburi has caused a buzz in the online spaces with his infamous 'Evenings in Nairobi with Maxwell' with the primary objective of dishing the dirt on Nairobi's public people.

In the interview, Maxwell said they were planning to change their names officially and would talk to dzaddy and his other government official friends to see how possible it is.

"Wacha nitaongea na mzee na marafiki wake wenye wako kwa serikali saa hii unajua serikali yenye iko saa hii haina mambo mingi, I can change ..." (I will speak to my man and his friends who are in the government right now, the current government is chilled)

Maxine said that being termed by the pronoun she, was an insult and should be termed as they/them until further notice. 

 "It's them, she is an insult because I don't have the 'tofotofo' yet, so am them for now."

Kamene and Betty Kyallo were some of the people that they mentioned who knew their little secret.

"All of my friends knew, akina Kamene, kina Betty Kyallo, and they kept it a secret because I always feared what people would say."

Why Mulamwah allegedly beat up Sonnie's 'mubaba'

Kendrick Mulamwah alleged that he recently fought his baby mama's mubaba. Speaking during an interview with Presenter Ali, the father of one bragged,

"He (mubaba) said that I was interfering with his house by dragging his wife into our mess (Sonnie and Mulamwah breakup). I was like 'who called you?' who brought you to the internet?'"

Mulamwah says he was offended because when Sonnie and her alleged Mubaba were posted online she was referred to as his ex/baby mama.

"I never looked for you but whenever he was mentioned I had to be mentioned. I came because I was tagged, we were drinking juice and I felt him throw a glass at the time, so I sent it back to the sender.

We do not go to the gym to count people; we have our own strengths." he added.


"We fought for like 3 or four minutes, I beat him properly," he claimed.

The comedian concluded the interview by alleging that Sonnie had pushed him to do things he would never have considered doing before and that is fighting other men.

Bahati on Diana Marua's disappearance after cryptic message

Former aspirant Mathare MP Kevin Bahati disclosed Diana Marua's whereabouts.

Marua has been MIA since she posted a mysterious message on her social media accounts about being in the dark.

Bahati and Diana Marua posing
Image: Instagram

The caption was displayed after a picture of a dove on a dark background.

"Only in the Darkness, Can you see the Stars."

According to Bahati, his wife Diana is not doing well, according to an interview with Nairobi News.

But he said that he was not free to say what Diana was struggling with just now.

Diana has previously disclosed that she was suffering from Symphysis pubis dysfunction.

She has pain in her pelvic region, which makes it difficult for her to move around, especially while she is pregnant.

Even when I am at 7 or 8 months, I can't walk. Baha has to turn me. That is what I was looking back at that was depressing me and cause I wasn't prepared, I wasn't ready to get back to that journey. But I am good now."

Lillian Ng'ang'a reacts to Kenyans trolling her for leaving Alfred Mutua

Lilian Nganga responded to netizens after being trolled yet again regarding her ex and first governor for Machakos county, Alfred Mutua .

In her Instagram story she reacted by posting in a calm tone;

" Just seen some shallow story that y'all are trying to drag me into. Kweli hamchoki, endeleeni tu, let me proceed with my day with my little boy."

Netizens all over social trolled Lillian's current husband Juliani and the new State House comptroller yet again after he posted a photo of himself in Manhattan, New York City for the United Nations general Assembly.

"To tell the Kenya Kwanza story of hope to the world," his caption read.

But Kenyans decided to mash-up the photo comparing it to another that her current hubby Juliani had posted in the past.

Most of the comments painted Lillian's current man poorly to the former Machakos governor.

The mother of one was dragged into the savage conversations on Twitter mainly because of the child she has with singer Juliani who she got married to barely a year after a public break-up.

Revealed: How KRG the Don makes his millions

Stephen Karuga, a flamboyant musician from Kenya better known by his stage name KRG the Don, is one of Kenya's most well-known artists and it's all because of his commercial savvy.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, the Wano hit maker listed several businesses that have been financing his flashy lifestyle.

The star also denied allegations that he participates in money-laundering schemes and other shady business dealings.

who has revealed how he makes his millions
KRG the Don who has revealed how he makes his millions
Image: Instagram

“I normally don’t sell my music locally, because people don’t do streams. The biggest consumers of my music are people in the US, Europe then Kenya. Out there is where the money is.

I am in so many businesses. I have business in almost every sector in this country. I’m in Real Estate ( own properties), transport business, I sell cars (several yards), and finally, I'm in the music business. I'm also a brand ambassador of several brands.  And on top of that, I'm also a mini-partner in other businesses," KRG the Don explained.

Adding that; "All this business is what makes me money. I normally don’t talk about them because it's not a must and that’s why people speculate a lot about me. If I was a criminal, I could not be here doing this interview, I could be behind bars,".

The musician went on to narrate that he roughly spends about Sh100, 000 and almost Sh3, 500, 000 in a month.

All movies with gay content prohibited in Kenya

All movies with LGBTQ+ content are prohibited in Kenya, according to Christopher Wambua, acting CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

Speaking on Friday, Wambua asserted that Kenyan law forbids LGBTQ+ relationships and content.

"As we rate and classify content, we also consider other applicable laws. If there is any content that normalizes, glorifies same-sex relationships, our position in Kenya has always been to restrict and not to broadcast, exhibit or distribute that kind of content within the borders of the country," he said in an interview with Spice FM.

Wambua continued by saying that agreements reached outside of Kenya have limited the amount of content that can be viewed there.

In the previous years, he claimed, they had outlawed a number of Kenyan-made films with LGBTQ+ material.

One year ago, the KFCB forbade the 52-minute film I am Samuel due to its homosexuality-related content.

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