Akothee with her Mzungu bae and Dr. Ofweneke.
Image: Instagram

Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Esther Akoth aka Akothee has expressed discontentment over claims that Comedian Dr. Ofweneke is demanding Sh1.4 million to Emcee her traditional and white wedding.

An update shared by the singer details that Ofweneke has overpriced his services just because she is dating a mzungu bae.

“Wee! I thought we were friends @drofweneke is charging me 1.4 m to be the official MC on my wedding day both white and traditional, 🙄🙄🙄 ati kwasababu ni Mzungu 🤦," Akothee lamented. 

The Abebo hitmaker added that the comedian made it clear that if she can’t afford his services then he should hire a white man to be the Master of Ceremony at her wedding.

“Babe why?

 “His answers

 “Kwani Kenya Hakuna wanaume ? Ni madharau Gani hii unatuonyesha, wewe lipa 1.4 ksh ama ulete MC Mzungu basi 🤦

 Someone tell @drofweneke haki sio kwa ubaya ,sikuona yeyote abayenifaa poleni basi 💃💃💃,” Akothee shared.

The allegations come at a time Akothee had requested qualified wedding planners to reach out – an indication that she is planning to set down soon. 

“Professional wedding planners to send us an email with the kind of work they ever did," she wrote.

The singer went on to shade women who don’t post their lovers on social media- accusing them of dating multiple partners.

"Most women will not post whom they are dating because they are in multi-relationships, busy sleeping with 10 men in a week, one paying uber another one renting some dating married men and in crazy entanglements. You are in a situationship deal with it," Akothee said.

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