Kenyans mourn Lawyer Paul Gicheru after his untimely death

The family said they will address the media on Tuesday, despite the fact that reporters were being delayed outside his gate.

Kenyans mourn the Kenyan Lawyer
Paul Gicheru Kenyans mourn the Kenyan Lawyer
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After the sudden news of the demise of Kenyan lawyer Paul Gichuru, Kenyans have shared their mixed reactions and their condoling messages.

Gicheru, an ICC witness lawyer, was discovered dead in his Karen home, Nairobi on Monday night.

ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, named Paul Gicheru as part of the people involved in the witness intrusion plan.

Kenyans had these to say about Paul Gicheru and his untimely death,

Stephen Mutoro: have lost a friend. Lawyer Paul Gicheru was found dead in his Karen home. He was undergoing a @IntlCrimCourt witness interference case. I know he had a medical condition. But I just hope it's a natural death. I can't speculate. But what a shock. What a pain. RIP well, wakili.

sub_zero: Am certain if indeed something sinister happened. The ppl that hired him are now cleaning their mess... And the ICC case has never and was never a problem to doyen. In fact, he never addressed that nonsense. The people that hired him can't protect him anymore he is a liability to them

FERDINAND OMONDI: Paul Gicheru joins a remarkable list of witnesses in Kenya's ICC cases who have either died, disappeared or retracted their statements. This is a new "difficulty" for ICC Prosecutors. The Kenyan cases are "considered closed unless and until the Prosecutor submits new evidence".

Vin Onyoyo : From dust we came and into dust we shall return. May his Soul rest in Peace

Dennis_M.: In every murder, the biggest suspect is the one that most benefits. However, it's not always the case that the suspect is guilty of the charges. At times the enemies take action and let the tide fall on the suspect. Simple mind game. Well, maybe not.

Lord Abraham Mutai: Paul Gicheru was headed to bed after lunch. At dusk, his family was shocked he wasn't up yet. Upon checking on him, they found foam coming out of his mouth, lying there dead. It's alleged that his son was also taken ill and admitted. Doctors are monitoring him, Police OB report

Simon Peter: So, Saad, may his soul rest in peace, as we stand with the family

Robert ALAI: Lawyer Paul Gicheru collapsed and died in his house in Karen?

KHRC: While the full details surrounding this death are still emerging, we remain concerned with the shocking news of the untimely death of Kenyan lawyer Paul Gicheru who was facing charges of witness interference at the International Criminal Court.

Hon. Joshua Mbindyo: About Paul Gicheru I really lack words Rip Lawyer Paul Gicheru

Kibet Benard: Paul Gicheru, who started these ICC cases again? I thought 2010 /2013 was the end of ICC, it is painful to lose a life. Very painful.

Moses Ngige: Wait, Paul Gicheru, the ICC Suspect Lawyer is Dead! Family and Police have confirmed. He was found dead at his Karen home.

The police said the lawyer didn't wake up after eating lunch in the company of his family

"He had late lunch and felt unwell and went to bed, but he did not wake up," police said. 

Police said he was found unresponsive at about 7 pm but did not know the cause of death.

"His son too collapsed and was taken to Karen hospital in stable condition," police added.

Gicheru was allegedly poisoned before being found dead, according to the authorities.

"He had late lunch and felt unwell and went to bed, but he did not wake up," police said.

The cause of death is still unknown.

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