Eric Omondi applauds Jovial and Willy Paul on their newfound love

Eric Omondi said entertainment money is in showbiz

Eric Omondi applauds Jovial and Willy Paul on their recent stunts
Willy Paul and Jovial Eric Omondi applauds Jovial and Willy Paul on their recent stunts
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Singer Jovial and Willy Paul have been trending and entertaining their fans with their online public display of affection stunts.

The self-proclaimed president of Africa Comedy, Eric Omondi, is pleased with them as he noted it was good showbiz and that's where the money is.

"Attention Kenyan artists and entertainers!!! This is exactly what I've been talking about!!! I like this. I don't know and I don't care whatever is going on here, but this is pure showbiz and am loving it,".

Eric proceeded to acknowledge the massive talent in Kenya, with claims that there was a gap in the showbiz part.

"My point is we know you have the talent but so do Tanzanians and Nigerians!!! So, they only beat us in showbiz, and trust me that's where the money is," .

Eric couldn't be any prouder of the two;

"This is pure showbiz and quite entertaining! What you guys call clout is what brings Diamond here and he bags millions. stop boring us. Stop being flat and tasteless. Stop being redundant and predictable. Spice it up and you'll see the results and thank me later!! kudos Willy Paul and Jovial whether it's a song ama mnakulana kudos,".

In a post on his socials, the controversial musician Willy Paul said, "So my heart was badly hurt, that’s how I became bwana mkunaji. I thank God for giving me Jovial. At least she will repair the broken areas."

Jovial was among the few guests at Pozze's matatu launch recently, something that has made his fans believe they are an item.

The singer had at one time rudely dismissed Pozze on social media after he made sexual advances toward her.

Willy Paul has two baby mamas, whom he announced to the world last year in special messages.

When fans said he was promoting an upcoming song with Jovial, Pozze denied it.

"I view her as someone special, there are some things men love keeping to themselves."

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