back on social media after nasty breakup.
Cartoon Comedian back on social media after nasty breakup.
Image: Instagram

Cartoon Comedian seems to have backtracked on her social media break after she put up a post on her Instagram page detailing her struggle to cope with the heartbreak she is going through.

She poses a question to the public, despite having her Instagram comments section disabled, as she tries to understand just how soon one is expected to move on.

“Mtu humove on after how long ju weuuh, I’m almost losing it,” Cartoon said.

In the same post, she then proceeds to call onto any relationship therapists, in an effort to try and move on from her previous relationship.

“Any relationship therapists please reach out,” she requests.

All of this is a result of her most recent situation with her anonymous ex-boyfriend; who most Kenyans thought to be the upcoming Kenyan artist Mbagriuh, who confirmed that the two never had an intimate relationship.

"There was chemistry between us but we have never dated. I met her through a friend of mine who happens to know Cartoon. I was out of town for two weeks and when I came back she had posted about the heartbreak.

"People were calling me names, so I had to go to her socials and see what the post was about. I am not the one who hurt her," Mbagriuh explained.

It was also speculated that she was dating frequent collaborator Crazy Kennar, but this was quickly disproven after he identified Natalie as his girlfriend.

On September 24, Cartoon went public with her breakup, accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her.

She also announced that she was taking a social media break, but now she is back with more updates on what is going on in her life.

"I've been hurting kidogo after my love break-up scenario. I thought I'm a Taliban kumbe me ni baby girl. I'll be back after nimepona.

"Mbona unacheat. (Why are you cheating),” Cartoon questioned.

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