Kamene's great epiphany after her engagement

Kamene is back and it seems being away from the hustle and bustle of the city did a number on her

Kamene moving to the village
Kamene Kamene moving to the village
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Kamene Goro is back after getting engaged and having a whole week off to celebrate and recharge her batteries.

It seems that being away from the hustle and bustle of the city did some wonders for her state of mind as far as village life goes vis a vis city life.


"As you know I was away for a week, just trying to catch up with a couple of things here and there, that I had to sort out, then, of course, I went on leave-a short holiday, and then a couple of friends of ours got married, that too was happening."

Now to the meat of the story, "There is a time I was in a place called Shimoni, trying to buy an octopus and I was like hawa wasee wanaishi maisha poa. (These people are living a good life)

I was just looking at how simple life is, away from the city, guys are chilled. There is a time we passed a place that had a cluster of palm trees na wasee walikuwa wameketi chini, wakipiga story others were playing draft," a totally impressed Kamene said.


What fascinated her more was, "By the way you know the fish that we buy in town for like Ksh.2000, you can buy it for like Khs 300 or 400 bob those sides, and I was like, Waaah! Manze si hii ni maisha poa."

Had me thinking that maybe this city life is not meant for me, and I actually had a very frank conversation with myself, and I was like...," bringing us into her thought process for a minute

"Kamene, you know once you are done with bills and whatnot and you have accrued the money you want, would you go to the village? And I was like hand's down, yes!'

That's how she is no longer part of the whole city girl vibe

"If anything, right now, I am just trying to accumulate what I can to move to the village, because this city life is not hacking it."

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