YouTuber Big man Stevo, aka comrade's flavor with the Triplets.
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YouTuber Big man Stevo, aka comrade's flavor, says he no longer in a relationship with the comrade's triplets after they allegedly cheated on him.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Stevo noted that the separation came after one of the triplets (whom he refused to disclose) cheated with an ex, and when he cut her out, they all had to walk away.

"When you cut one out since they are triplets, they all have to walk out."

Given that one of the girls is pregnant, contrary to what they had said earlier, that they were remaining celibate till their wedding night, Stevo said he wasn't sure the baby was his and had to carry out a DNA test.

"Apparently, after hio kucheat ndio tena naona pregnancy, sijui ama ni yangu ama ni ya yule Jamaa...lazima DNA ifanyiwe."

Stevo also mentioned he preferred dating older women as they are more mature and wouldn't mind marrying someone with a child.

The YouTuber said he was tired of the back and forth with the 'younger generation.'

The YouTuber said he was tired of the back and forth with the 'younger generation.'

"Kitu watoto wanataka siku izi  imenishinda, mimi nataka mtu ashapigwa character development ata ako na mtoto, ni mtu mature hakupatii hard time."

Debunking claims that he was duplicating what Thee Pluto does on (the loyalty test), Stevo made it clear he was all about sensitization.

Sensitization, in the sense that he is not out in the streets to expose cheating couples but to educate his viewers.

Shedding light on the education part, Stevo explained that the goal was to create awareness of the dealings that take place in marriage so that in case of a spouse cheats, it will not end as a murder case.

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