appeals for help from Mathare Hospital.
Kimani Mbugua appeals for help from Mathare Hospital.
Image: Instagram

Media Personality and ex-Citizen TV host Kimani Mbugua is appealing to Kenyans to convince his parents to pick him up from Mathare Hospital. 

Taking it to his Twitter account, he noted that his parents had left him at the facility to punish him after a psychotic episode.

"I appeal to all people who know me to kindly appeal to my parents to let me out of Mathare Hospital. I came here after a brief psychotic episode on the 4th of August and was discharged on the 10th of the same month. My parents have left me here to punish me," Kimani tweeted.

Through the Kimani Mbugua podcast, the journalist narrated how it felt like to get high on hard drugs

"Your brain goes out of reality when you are doing drugs. After I smoked weed, I started seeing things out of reality, I developed schizophrenia.

The first diagnosis I received was an acute psychotic episode, to show that something huge had happened to me."

Kimani continued to narrate his psychotic episode where he always saw a woman.

"I was eager to stop this woman in my 'dreams'.  I would sometimes smoke weed after the show and just chill in the parking lot.

The day it exploded; I was going home with my fiancé when I felt the sensation come in. I had taken a lot of cigarettes, red bull, and some weed."

"I saw a woman who was like a goddess who came to have sex with me. She started calling my name.”

With the continued drug addiction, Kimani became psychotic and got admitted to Mathare hospital.

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