Bahati's Video vixen Brenda gives her life to Christ

Brenda Otieno, the video vixen who appeared in Bahati and Prince Indah's viral collabo, 'Adhiambo', has given her life to Christ.

Brenda will be serving God, if we go by her recent video. The chocolate beauty who is also an entrepreneur, said that she doesn't regret her decision as it's one of the best things that ever happened to her.

"Sincerely speaking, from the deepest part of my heart, believe me, the best thing that ever happened to me was understanding Jesus, giving my life to Christ and getting born again," she said.

Brenda added that God had forgiven all her sins and she was in love with Him.

"I love Jesus so much. I feel I have bore so much fruits, business-wise. God has been so graceful. He loves me and He doesn't judge," she said.

A few months after the song came out, Brenda trended after she called out Bahati for not paying for her services.

Brenda was the main vixen in the song that featured Babu Owino, Comedian Terence, Jalang'o, Captain Otoyo, Jaguar among other celebrities.

Through her Instagram stories, Brenda accused Bahati and his team of being “rude and disrespectful” during the course of their arrangement.

According to her, the singer was paying the video vixens Ksh 10,000 each, but she would not take the amount as she felt she deserved more considering the fact that the shoot had lasted the whole day.

At the time, she said she regreted being a part of the song, adding that it made other people’s perception of her lifestyle change.

"I was once a vixen in Adhiambo song. I regret it because it makes some people think it's one of the so-called big Nairobi men funding my lifestyle. Let it be known to you Bahati and his team never paid me a penny, I have never cared since then coz I didn’t feel I badly needed that money," she said.

"Yes Bahati and his team never paid me so let nobody think I have contact with those rude and disrespectful humans. Been [quiet] since coz I felt it wasn’t big deal after all my pride wouldn’t allow me get paid 10K for a whole day shoot. You either pay what [I’m] worth or you keep your cheap money."