Diana might have revealed her baby's name
Bahati and Diana Marua. Diana might have revealed her baby's name
Image: Instagram

Rapper and content creator Diana Marua is eagerly waiting to welcome baby number three into her family. 

The heavily pregnant Ms Marua has told fans that the pregnancy is taking a toll on her.

"Weeeuuuhhh, semeni KUBEAT!!!! Nimechoka is an understatement. I've missed going out to work. I feel like I'm not contributing to anything in the house."

And what are the only things she's able to do at the moment?

"I just sit, eat, drink, sleep and the cycle continues," she continued.

The delay in going into labour has left her with little to do but be grateful for a few things in her life. Key among those is her husband Bahati.

"I'm thankful for you @BahatiKenya πŸ’™ thank you for doing everything that you can to make me and the kids comfortable. Stop telling me to rest all the time, it's annoying. I've rested enough but bado nimechoka... Lol, I love you."

It is evident Diana is exhausted as the picture she shared was of her wearing a kanga,  and her feet are visibly swollen. 

Her fans have urged her to be patient, sending her words of comfort.

alentonettes😍😍😍😍you are almost there dear,usichoke when the ship is almost reaching the Dock ,anyway please follow me for amazing cooking tips and recipes and if you feel so low for daily encouragements post ❀️

Another assured Diana that

muoki_jenniferKazana tu Dee,kitambo kidogo utakuwa ukitoka na baha mkienda job😍😍😍 beautiful queenπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Diana and Bahati are expecting a baby girl. The couple already has two other children together-a boy and girl. 

They revealed this in a gender reveal party on October 18th. In their video, Bahati also explained that after she gave birth he would plan a white wedding for the couple.