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Mr KK Mwenyewe appeal for Help

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has come to the aid of Comedian and content creator Zakaria Kariuki aka Mr KK Mwenyewe who was struggling to pay his University fee.

On Saturday, Mr KK who became famous for mimicking DP Rigathi Gachagua put up a public appeal- asking Kenyans to help sponsor his education.

The appeal reached Governor Sakaja who offered to help.

"My people and my fans am very grateful men today, after I posted my issue of fees many of came on to offer your help nawashukuru sana wote @jsakaja kwa kulipa my fee may god bless you all. Mimi kitu naeza fanya tuu kuwashukuru tuu ni wafurahisha na content asanteni sana,” he said

KK Mwenyewe is a student at Kisii University where he is pursuing Applied computer Science.

According to the creative he owed the school 10, 900K which must be cleared by October,30,2022.

Sharing his appeal with his fans he shared;

“I am a third-year student at Kisii University and we have been asked to clear our balances by October 30, 2022.

At the moment, my parents are not in a position to raise the Sh10,900 that I need and do not want to defer my studies,” he said.


“I would like to complete my studies and graduate. That is my main goal at the moment. I am passionate about acting and maybe I will go full throttle after school but my focus is on finishing my undergraduate programme.”

KK became an instant hit online with his near-perfect imitation of DP Gachagua.

His pages have grown steadily and he boasts of 30,000 followers and 13,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

During a recent interview, Ivy Chelimo revealed that she's seen KK's skits and so has her new boss Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. 

Ivy mentioned that the Deputy President's office in its capacity has taken note of TikToker Mr. KK Mwenyewe and has plans for him.

 "I know about the guy who does the Riggy G skits, I know him but I have not connected with him yet. But there are also plans for the office to look for him so I think... well, we will know as time goes by," Ivy said.

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