YouTuber Naomi Kuria opens up on being suicidal

Content creator Naomi Kuria has revealed little-known details about her life in an emotional post eulogizing her father.

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, Naomi went public with the devastating news of the demise of her father.

In her message, Kuria narrated her low moments in life and how her father who instrumental in shaping the girl she is now.

"Exactly a month ago, a day like today 9th October was on a Sunday, I went to see my dad after talking so much over the phone because I was not okay. From September 24th I started experiencing anxiety and panic which at that time I didn’t know what was happening to me.

She mentioned that she has been suicidal before and her father sympathized with her when she was in that state.

 “This became chronic that one day I woke up feeling hopeless, helpless, and defeated and suddenly I got suicidal and I just wanted to die.

“I talked to him about how I was feeling guilty and condemned by the enemy because I had made up my mind to change my ways and follow Jesus. The enemy could whisper to me that I cannot be born again because of the sins that I had done and that I will always be a slave to them.

Adding that; “My dad really sympathised with me and he felt so sorry that the devil had found a chance to torment me with his lies… he told me that guilt and condemnation doesn’t come from God and everything the devil says is a lie,”.

Kuria also revealed that her father was the one who ushered her to Salvation – making her feel strong and loved again.

“He told me that any other time the enemy would ever accuse me, I rise and tell him that accused is the one on the cross, not me. He then prayed for me and ushered me to salvation. I felt loved I felt strong and whole again I beheld to God of my father till this day and forever more,".

She mourned her father while signing off her heartfelt post. “Thank you, dad, for giving me Christ. Am not alone. I will always love you till eternity. More so I will love and honour God that you loved so much. Rest well Dad till we meet again,”.

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