Takeoff Memorial service to be held on Friday
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Singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is set to perform at Takeoff’s Memorial Service on Friday.

Sources close to the organizers of the memorial service told TMZ, that Bieber is on the list of those set to entertain mourns at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Justin has two collaborations with the Migos but he doesn’t have a solo song with Takeoff specifically.

The memorial service is anticipated to host at least 20, 000 people and will be officiated by Reverend Jesse Curney III, who is Takeoff’s family’s close prayer partner.

"I am doing a eulogy, it is at State Farm, and New Mercies choir will be singing,” said Rev Curney during an interview.

Takeoff was always devoted to his faith, according to Rev. Curney, who expressed his sadness over his passing.

"I was really sad to hear the news. Kirsnick has been a faithful member since he was ten years old. He and his family were active and avid supporters of the church and the community as a whole,” said Rev Curney in a statement. 

On November 5 in Atlanta, a candle-lighting ceremony was held by Takeoff's family and friends.

In Houston, Texas, Takeoff was shot and killed in front of a bowling alley. He was the youngest member of the Migos trio and is frequently regarded as their most laidback one.

The Grammy Award-nominated rap trio gained notoriety with their 2013 single "Versace," which received further traction with a Drake remix, almost ten years ago.

A statement from State Farm Arena details that taking photos and videos inside the venue will be prohibited.

Also, the media will not be allowed into the Arena due to security reasons.

”For security reasons, no gifts or arts will be allowed inside or near the venue,” the statement said.

The free celebration of life will be open to Georgia residents only