Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive with her Kids

Tatiana Karanja, also known as Mama Olive, is a well-known lifestyle and travel content creator and an award-winning photographer.

Tatiana, who was born on November 3rd, 1991, rose to fame through her fitness and travel vlogs as well as her remarkable online relationship with her baby daddy, Wayne Mutiso.

She was formerly in a long-term relationship with property guru Wayne Mutiso before calling it quits early this year.

The two dated for over 5 years The two are blessed with three incredibly adorable baby girls namely, Olive 5-years-old, Marley 3, and lastly Nova who is just 5 months old.

On ethnicity, Tatiana is 50% Kenyan, although she claims her dad will always argue 51%. Her mom, the multicultural one is Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Dutch.

Her ex-Wayne is Kamba, Kalenjin, English, and Seychellois as well as a mix of other things making their girls multi-diverse.

The content creator has opened up on her struggles after getting kids.
Mama Olive. The content creator has opened up on her struggles after getting kids.
Image: Instagram

Although born and raised in Kenya her adventure for life has seen her find a home both in South Africa and The Netherlands during her global trotting days.

She used to study in the Netherlands, not surprising as she studies in international schools while here.

 While there, she picked up her love for fitness and working out as beauty standards there favour skinny women and she was tired of being depressed all the time.

But the phenomenal almost forever jolly Tatiana isn't just a mum.

Tatiana is an amazing photographer and CEO of Tatiana Karanja Photography, she says her love for photography started when she was just 12 years old and she has enjoyed growing at it and learning the art ever since.

She has one sibling, a younger sister that goes by the name Kat.

Their parents split when Tatiana was just a teenager, something that threw her into an emotional storm according to the deep, "letter to my younger self" that she did.

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