Jovial on why she doesn't work with female artistes

Jovial, a Kenyan singer, has announced that she will be taking a sabbatical from social media owing to fatigue.

Jovial used her Instagram stories to inform her followers that she was not doing well and that she had pushed herself too far.

She started off by revealing that her body had folded on her and she had actually had a nasty fall.

"Mwili yangu imekataa leo." Started off the songstress before she went on to add, "ile kuanguka nimeanguka! If I was alone sijui ingekuwa aje! (the nasty fall I have had today! I don't know what would have happened.)"

The "Mi Amor" hitmaker went on to add that from yesterday she had been feeling fatigued and she had even told her team that she felt sickly.

She however brushed it off as she reassured them and herself that she would be okay.

"Yesterday I was telling my team kimchezo tu ni kama si feel poa but ntakuwa tu sawa!" Revealed Jovial.

According to her next paragraph, it seemed the experience had really scared her as she went on to muse that she felt that by ignoring their bodies and denying themselves proper rest is how some people lost their lives

"This is how people just shut down... Today you are okay, tomorrow you gone! (God forbid.) Allow me to take a rest."

Jovial also revealed that she was set to drop a new song but that would no longer be possible under these circumstances.

She however revealed that she'll be doing so next week and might actually drop two new songs at a go, " I am sorry guys, I was to drop a new vibe but I'll push it to next week. If possible I'll do a double releaseā€¦"

"I'll be off Social media, if urgent my management email and line are on my bio." The last of her post read.

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