Marya Prude on why she wanted to change her gender

Marya Prude has revealed that she struggled with accepting her gender while growing up.

Marya shared on her Instagram that while growing up, she always felt as though she did not fit in as a woman or a girl.

Marya said she did everything including dressing just to appear like a boy.

She even thought she was supposed to be a boy.

"I remember growing up, especially in my teenage adolescent years I always felt like I didn’t fit in as a girl or a woman. 

Girls dressed a certain way, talked, or expressed themselves in a particular way that I felt like I didn’t. So I thought maybe, I was supposed to be a boy because I preferred boyish clothes, hung out and was more comfortable with boys than girls, expressed myself in a boyish manner…" she said.

Marya Prude

In the long post she shared, Marya said she started reading a lot about how she could change her gender since that was her goal when 'she was growing up.'

"I started reading a lot and I found out that you can get sex reassignment surgery and change your gender. So that was my goal when “I grow up”."

That has since changed and she has learnt to love who she is. She has embraced herself as she has people who love what she considered weird then.

"Now that I’m grown, Aki I love being a woman. I’m just different. 

And in this self discovery journey of mine, I’ve embraced my differences and discovered there are people who actually love me because I love those parts of myself that I considered weird when I was younger and insecure." 

She has discovered that all along she didn’t want to be a boy, she just wanted to feel normal.

"I found my normal in giving myself permission to be me."

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