Bahati and son Morgan

EMB President Kevin Kioko Bahati has penned a cute message to his son Morgan ahead of his grade 6 exams.

The mama hitmaker used his socials to celebrate Morgan and all the milestones he has been able to achieve so far.

The singer adopted Morgan a few years ago and he has been sponsoring his education and all the other needs.

Bahati put up the message after attending Morgan’s prayer day at Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools.

“Spent My Day @Morgan_Bahati 's School Prayer Day. Looking at how far We have come I just can't Believe that My Son Morgan is about to seat for his Grade 6 Exams. 

“Glory to God as You prepare to Graduate to Junior High... I have Never Been this Proud, Only God Knows Our Journey. I Know You will be a Great Person in Life and One day You shall inspire the World with your Story 🙏I Love you @Morgan_Bahati,”  Bahati wrote.

 Bahati is a father of 5 kids namely, Morgan Bahati, Mueni Bahati, Heaven Bahati, Majesty Bahati, and Malaika Bahati.

In July 2021, the singer highlighted how difficult it was to be in a romantic relationship shortly after adopting his son, Morgan.

"Nakumbuka ata at times singe- date just to avoid the confusion of you calling different girls mummy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ," he said.

"I was Just Starting My Music Career; a Few Years Since I had left ABC Children's in Mathare & This Was My First Concert Ever! After the show, the 2-Year-old Morgan cried to go home with me and he did not want to go back to the Orphanage where he lived after the demise of his parents😢," revealed the singer.

Due to how emotional the situation was, Bahati decided to adopt the child despite not being financially stable nor being eligible to adopt.

"I was still struggling financially to afford to raise a child. The big complication was I lived in a small room & and I was not qualified to adopt 🥺 ( I had no one to take care of the baby)."

Due to his financial situation at the time, Bahati couldn't hire a nanny to help him take care of the child.

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