DJ Ms. Bune

The highly anticipated Drip Fest is going down on Saturday 10th December with South African star Ami Faku set to headline the day-long concert at the Waterfront Karen.

But while Faki might be the star on everyone's lips, Radio Africa has made sure to get supporting acts that could also carry the show at the African-inspired festival.

Some of these great artistes are; Suraj, Sultan, Big Nyagz, Ms. Bune, and Dj Rubba.

In case some of you might not know who these great performers are, we have got you covered and will be peeling back the onion on Ms. Bune.

Mpasho was able to interview the artiste who was not only delighted about the December show but was happy to also talk about herself.

So who is Ms. Bune?

My name is Tsion Tesfay. I am originally from Ethiopia but I’ve been in Kenya for the past 5 years. I’m 21 years old and besides being a DJ, I’m also a senior at USIU-A.

What is your style?

To be honest I can’t say a single word to describe my style but I could explain it with the fact that I dabble and play different sounds of Amapiano.

What drew you to Amapiano?

The different sounds and varieties of Amapiano.

Does he perform any other genre apart from Amapiano?

Not as of right now. I’m trying to branch out to Afro houses, house, and such.

What is your best-ever memory as a DJ?

Having the opportunity to be a part of Sun el and Simmy's concert and watching them perform afterward.

Is it their first time playing in Nairobi?

No, all of my gigs have been based in Nairobi.

Your thoughts on Kenyans and living in Kenya?

Kenyans are very straightforward people and go for what they want most of the time which I like. And as for Kenya, all I’m going to say is I love it to the point I’m considering asking for citizenship.

Her expectations for Dripfest?

For people to show up and show out.

Why should guys come through?

Because the best music with the best DJs will be there to give nothing but pure vibes.